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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Top 5 Highlight Reels of the NBA Sponsored by Youtube

"Top 5" Highlight Reels Of The NBA brought to you by Youtube (featuring: Atlanta Hawks)

Thank you all for joining me for my first ever column, "Top 5” Highlights of the NBA brought to you by I’m going to start off my first column with footage of the Atlanta Hawks, who have been underrated for the last couple of years. Thankfully with explosive addition of Jamal Crawford on the bench and added defensive intensity the Hawks are looking like serious contenders. Joe Johnson who use to flight under the radar is finally being considered an elite player. Al Horford, Josh Smith, and Marvin Williams are a force in the front court who are so good they can switch to guards on defenses during pick and rolls. Joe Johnson and Mike Bibby are playing great in the back court, while Jamal Crawford is bringing scoring off the bench. In the “Top 5,” we will look the Hawks team, Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Jamal Crawford, and Al Horford. Without any further interruptions lets look at the “Top 5.”

1. Atlanta Hawks "Victory" Mix
Produced By Atlhawksjj

Length: 4:58

In This great mix of the Atlanta Hawks, you get to see the whole team in action. The soundtrack is brought to you by Jermaine Dupri with “Welcome to Atlanta” and “Victory” by Joe Smith. The highlights are well produced and show all the key players who wear the Hawks uniform. For all you Hawks fans out there this is a great mix to sit back and enjoy. Shout outs to ATLHAWKSJJ for putting this one together.

2. Joe Johnson Mix Produced By Hawksno1fan
Produced By Hawksno1fan

Length: 7:26

My personal favorite Hawks video has to be this one. It showcases the real game of Joe Johnson. You won’t see crazy dunks, but you will see one of the NBA’s best scorers going to work. Johnson has never been a flashy player, but he can light you up for 30 on any given night. He’s such a great basketball player because his basketball IQ is very high. From shooting anywhere on the court to creating players out of double teams Joe Johnson is an NBA All Star. The music for this is grimy and fits Joe Johnson’s personality perfectly as a cerebral assassin on the court. THIS IS FOR ALL NBA FANS. If you want to see a player who has all the fundamentals down, definitely watch this video. Great job on putting this together HAWKSNO1FAN. Now lets just hope Joe Johnson stays in an Atlanta Hawks uniform next season.

3. Josh Smith Mix: Let's Get It Started
Produced By Tmacyaokobe0115
Video was disabled by the owner, but the link is below.
Length: 3:36

One of the most explosive and most improved players in the NBA has to be Josh Smith. This year has been a break out year for Smith since he decided to take a lot less 3 pointers and attack the basket. Smith will continue to improve and be all star for years to come. If you want to see thunderous dunks and game changing blocks, watch this highlight reel. “Lets Get It Started,“ by Black Eye Peas was the perfect sound track for this video. The energy of the music matches perfect with the game of Josh Smith. You can pick out of a 1,000 Josh Smith highlight videos, I choose this for its energy and flow. Thanks to TMACYAOKOBE0115 for putting this video together. I’m sure there will be a lot more Josh Smith highlight videos in the future.

4. Jamal Crawford Career Mix
Produced By GCV23

Length: 5:16

What a great highlight package brought to us by GCV23 for Jamal Crawford. Crawford has always been a nightmare for opposing teams because he could dribble and shake you out of shoes. The one knock on Crawford was that he wasn’t a team player and couldn’t win, but that has all changed this year. Jamal Crawford should win sixth man of the year and also make it out of the first round of the playoffs. The Hawks are going to be a scary team come playoff team because they have a player who can score 20 off the bench every night. This highlight reel doesn’t include Hawks highlights, but it has highlights off Crawford from high school to the NBA I picked this video because of the music, “Picture Me Roll’in” by 2 Pac. Crawford has always been considered a cancer and judged for being a scorer because he never made it to the playoffs. Well this year Jamal Crawford can silence his haters because he’ll be in the playoffs and possibly even the finals.

5. Al Horford 08-09 Game Time
Produced By DigGameTime

Length: 3:54

For the last spot I debated between adding Al Horford or Mike Bibby. Based off of this season alone, I picked Al Horford. I believe Horford is a much bigger piece on defense and rebounding for the success of the Hawks. Horford is a true big man in the NBA who plays the center position real well. He's got great defense, post moves, and rebounds the ball well. “Boss by James Brown is the perfect old school joint that caters perfectly to Al Horford’s game. Horford definitely has that old school gritty, pound it to the bucket feel to his game, instead of the flash of most NBA players. I have to shout out DIGGAMETIME for putting together this masterpiece.

That's all for this week, thanks for joining me for “Top 5,” highlights of the NBA brought to you by Youtube. I have to send a shout out to all of the people who participate with great videos this week. Next week the “Top 5,” will take a look at the Boston Celtics. If you have any comments or feel like there are better mix's that I missed then please leave comments or e-mail me at If you have any mixes of your own that you would like me to take a look at send them to me. Remember to check out the rest of my articles and join me for Questions & Answers On Tuesday's. Also send in your questions so I can answer them. If you would like to write for this blog shoot me an e-mail. Thanks for your time and leave some feedback. Until next time AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Wolf man Out!!!!

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